Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I got a call this weekend from a director wanting me to costume a shot film for a competition this weekend. Today I met with him on location to discuss options. As with most of these short film things, only a general sense of characters and setting can be determined until the criteria are assigned by the organization. For this film the crew will get the topic friday night, shoot all day saturday, post on Sunday, and mail the film on Monday. I'm putting together a basic wardrobe setup for them to pull from once they officially script and cast the short. So for the next two days I'll be assembling wardrobe pieces and distressing them to fit a post-apocalyptic world. On the day, the director will pull from the pieces I've assembled to make the shooting wardrobe.

Pinocchio is going well so far. Our two audiences found wildly different things humorous. Yesterday was a bit rough, but today began to feel like a cohesive show. There were a few line flubs, but nothing major, and I got my first Q&A comment from a boy who thought "The Fox is my favorite because he's funny!" YAY!!! Then every kid had to tell THEIR favorite, so everyone got their kudos today.

Two shows tomorrow, Lindy Hop class tomorrow night, and in between attacking lab coats and scrubs with bleach, tea, and soy sauce.