Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day, Alan!

I managed by some alignment of the stars to get three days off in a row from work over Valentines weekend. I spent all day Thursday running around getting costumes for the dress rehearsal. Friday I woke up, went to yoga, met with Meredith to borrow costumes from Greenstage, then ran some errands and home to hem pants and make armbands for my two men.

That evening I got the actors into costume after a brief altercation with the ghost, and left to meet Alan, John and Eric to see opening night of Company. Saturday I spent the day at Alan's, watching Frasier and being domestic. We went to see Woman in Black last night.

Today is going to be another lazy day, I hope. Some more Frasier, then Valentines dinner after Alan gets finished with his show's tech rehearsal. Such is the life when two theater people date. These days I see 4-6 shows a month, mostly opening nights if we can.

This week is full of more work than I'd like (but that's great, actually, because Banana rewards good employees by working them more hours, and I have the most hours of anyone but one salesman who also gets lots of credit cards to his name). I've done my finances for the year, and realized that I'm actually finally making it on acting and costume designing - and a bit of a side job. My finances are in even better shape if I can waitress in the summer and have my credit cards paid off and a bit in savings to help me through the year if ever I'm coming up short. My summer waitressing job wants me back this year.

I'm off to forage for coffee!