Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Plotting the Summer

Plotting the Summer and other plans falling into place

I've called the Alisal about working for them one more summer. I won't be teaching in July and August, which takes my pay here down to less than half of what I can make there in that amount of time. Plus business will be slow. I don't really want to work there too badly...there's been a lot of upheaval since the change in management, but it's a sure thing. They'll provide housing and I'm already trained. Hopefully my change in haircolor will allow me to go somewhat incognito with the guests. I got so tired of being chased around about the singing thing. And Wendy will be thrilled if I come down.

I'm ready for the school year to be over. I like teaching, but the triple split shifting has to end. I can't eat, and I run around like a maniac all week. If they want me next year, I want to teach first thing in the morning, have a break, and then come in at 12:30-5:30 at the shop like I used to do. The split in the middle is killing me.

In other news I got my taxes done. I've been doing my own taxes with the EZ form since high school. This year, since I had moving expenses to write off I had to go with the long form. I wasn't aware that you can take the standard dedution ther. Moving is an additional deduction, as is student loan interest, so you can move to the long form without actually havng to itemize. That was lovely. And my accountant waived off his fee as "we're family." Which isn't true. His ex-wife was my grandfather's second wife. That's hardly blood kin. Ah well. I couldn't afford to pay him and buy groceries in the same month, so it worked out well. Once the tax return comes in I can pay off more of my car.

Last night I watched Kill Bill 2. It was very artistic. There wasn't nearly the slaughter of the first movie, and a lot more plot. And a great soundtrack.

Now I have to go find something to teach for today. 1st and 2nd grades. Ta.