Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Oh, and Happy New Year!

I spent mine bartending for about a zillion kids at a kareoke party.

Bad Kitty

Today was NOT a good day.

I woke up ready to finish out my year end financial report with Wendy, then head to Sacramento to crash at my sister's house on leg one of my trip back to the Northwest. I got as far as the Albertson's parking lot in Buellton. And Chloe, excuse me -- there's just no other way of putting this -- messed all over herself and Cai, and their carrier.

So I let them out of the cage, not knowing the extent of the damage, and ran into Riteaid to grab baby wipes. By the time I'd got back out there, they'd climbed all over my car, spreading the refuse on EVERYTHING. I spent half an hour in a parking lot, with people looking on, trying to clean cat....stuff... Off them, my things, and my bleeding CAR. Then I stuffed them both into the smaller carrier, threw away the bigger one (because I didn't pay enough for it to merit cleaning the hassle of trying to find a place in a parking lot to clean it out), and then had to drive six hours in a car that smelled suspiciously like cat feces and baby wipes.

OH I HOPE the next day or two of this drive don't go as badly as the first one.

And all the books say that cats can hold it for days if they need to. Bloody cat!

Year End Reports

It's that time again, final quarter and year end reports, and cash flow report time. Go to to find out how!