Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm down to two jobs now. Hurrah! I didn't know how I was going to maintain the three job schedule for two months more. Nannying came to an early end, but it wasn't entirely unexpected. I still have retail and waitressing.

I've been auditioning like mad the past few weeks. Partly as preparation for my big auditions: Village, The 5th Ave and Seattle Children's. Partly because I'm hoping to spend the next few months getting either some good roles or really interesting pieces on my resume. I've gone out for a show at a winery that has a global warming theme, a pirate show, and an unstaged reading of a new play of the life of Rodin. Also Oklahoma! and The Music Man. So far I've been offered roles in The Last Magician and The Pirate Show, and have a callback tonight for Laurie in Oklahoma! Monday is my audition at the 5th, and next week is Portland Center Stage (if I decide to go) and Seattle Children's is halfway through the month. Soon I should be able to make some decisions about my summer.

I've been dog-sitting all weekend, and only home in brief fits and spurts to change my clothes. Yesterday I ran out of time, and had to pull together an outfit of things-I-have-sitting-in-the-backseat-of-my-car. It was very colorful - pink skirt, lavender blouse, cream sweater, and a multicolored polkadotted scarf to tie it all together - but it worked.

I'm hoping as my hours ease up to get really cranking on some Lachellybelly items. I've got a few more things started in my spare hours and minutes, but I'd love a chance to pull quantities together.