Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Happy Belated Thanksgiving
My family had a very VERY low key thanksgiving this year. No family in town - but the Logsdons, who I rode over with since I had to be in Seattle the days before and after for rehearsals.

We had ham and baked potatoes. We did have green been cassarole and jellied cranberry sauce still in the shape of the can on the little odd shaped cut glass we always put it in.

We had Lasagna on Friday, and this year there was no Kunzepalooza. No Christmas trees. No garland. Only outdoor lights courtesy of Miles who planned out a great rope light "noel" to alternate with a flashing four point star - courtesy of Becky who insisted on another two strands of lights - which were perfect from a distance.

There was a small glitch in the works when they dropped the frame from the deck trying to put in up on the rafter pole, but after that all went smoothly and we all piled in the car to go and see their creation.

Dad and I put up some more sheetrock in my bathroom too.

Then we all piled back into the car friday morning to get back for my 1:00 rehearsal.