Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Busra Waterfall

Today we went with the team and the youth from the church to the famous Busra Waterfall in here in good old Mondulkiri! The waterfall has three levels, we came in at the top one and then climbed down the steepest stairs I've ever been on to get to the second level. I was the photographer while the weather was still rainy, but got in and swam once the sun came out. Then wet and dripping, we climbed the rocks around the second fall and made it up to about the halfway point. The boys amused themselves by jumping off the lower rocks into the pool below. I wanted to, but the rocks were slippery, and I couldn't get a good footing to jump. So I opted for prudence this time. As much as I'd like to be airlifted out by my insurance to stay in a 5 star hotel in Bangkok like Alissa, I think that might be a bit extreme measures to take to get Pepsi in a bottle!

I gave myself a pedicure in one of the pools of the fall, wrote some letters to teammates elsewhere in Cambodia, ate meatballs and boiled chicken with sauce and leaves, and enjoyed the beauty until it was time to go home!

It was a good day after all....(I grumbled a lot when I found out we were sacrifice a free day to go out on what was essentially a youth group outing...but as usual when my tail is seriously in a twit -- I was wrong)