Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just one of her genetic gifts

It's just one of her genetic gifts

Juno is amazing. I bought the soundtrack today I like it so much. Of course I've always been a sucker for odd quality folk music. It's similar to the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, but more contemporary. The majority of the songs are by various members of the Mouldy Peaches.

I had an audition Monday and an audition this morning. The one this morning felt good, but they've still got to see a few people. I hear they'll let me know this weekend sometime. The other one, well, it's hard to say. I never know how to judge film auditions since I'm not sure what to do in one. I think I'm slowly figuring out the balance of showing emotion without getting theatrical, but I'm not there yet. My new book, Acting for the Camera, should help.

I spent today after my audition shlepping around downtown Seattle, refilling everyone's TPS Guide coffers. I had half a box left from the first round, so I went around to all the hotels and handed them out to Concierge. They were all pleased. It makes their lives easier. Then I went to Sephora and bought some Babecake, walked to Pike's Place and dropped off the last of them in the free stuff kiosks, and went to Ivars on the waterfront for fish, which I ate, and chips which I fed to the million seagulls that clustered around my head.

I was tired, by then, of walking round in 3" heels, so caught the free bus to the monorail and rode it back to the Space Needle. Then I went home in the driving rain. (Sidenote: Everyone I talk to in California starts every conversation with 'how's the weather?' I live in Seattle. It's February. Doesn't it go without saying?)

I spent the afternoon working on answering emails, ordering headshots, and working on more of my script I'm doing for practice -- or really -- to see if I can do one. It's not original. I'm just adapting, but it's fun so far.

I headed over to Miles and Becky's to steal their guitar and learn to play two songs from the Juno Soundtrack. One of the songs has two chords and one has three, so not too hard, but the strumming pattern is too difficult for me to sing along, and I don't know all of the words yet anyway.

Much to do for my last day off of the week tomorrow. But I got laundry done, so I won't have to spend the day in my bathrobe. Probably will anyway. It's comfy.