Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Opening 3 Shows in 2 Weeks.


That is life right now.

I used to run at a breakneck pace ALL the time. I had 9 part-time jobs my first theater season in Seattle.

But then I became somewhat better paid. And I found a few side jobs that were fairly regular that paid the major bills. And I started working for better houses with more support (and stock, and reciprocal lending agreements with other theaters).

And I settled into a schedule that allowed for a little more breathing room, the occasional evening home. The occasional half-day of laundry and knitting. Going out for dinner with my husband, or sitting around binge watching Netflix series.

And this month, I've gotten a bit overbooked. Honestly it was because I had two small gigs, and then the Creme de la Creme Theater called and asked me to work for them - and of course I said yes. But then it was too late to drop the other gigs, and really tacky to do so, so I decided that I could do all three if I really scheduled well.

So here I am - doing fittings for three shows this week. 1st fittings were last night. They went off mostly without a hitch. I have a few more pieces to source, but nothing too earth shattering. Today I have to shop for show 3, which starts fittings tomorrow, and I have the first 2 fittings for show 2. I may try to go back down to show 1 and bring them some pieces, and collect the alterations - since my husband is in rehearsal tonight anyway.

What I didn't plan on is shows 4 and 5 of the New Year suddenly cranking it into high with pre-production. Suddenly there are meetings, emails filling my inbox, requests for measurements, and questions needing my attention. This is in addition to the 3 current shows that are also filling my inbox, scheduling meetings, etc.

And, because it ALWAYS happens - Banana Republic has suddenly been giving me 25+ pairs of pants per load. Since the recession, BR has dropped from the scheduled 25 pairs per week that I was hired to do, down to 1-3 pairs, if I'm lucky. Athleta, which offers free alterations is generally more stable, but this summer was very hot - and everyone was buying shorts and capris instead. Suddenly, both stores are cranking it into high - and I've been scrambling to find enough sewing hours to get those turned over - in addition to the builds I was doing for show #2.

So, I got smart. And hired a stitcher. A local costumer friend of mine happily took the last two dresses off my hands and will have them finished for me on Thursday. And hooray - I get a few minutes of quiet tv and knitting time after a 15+ hour days, instead of having to squeeze in a few more hours at the sewing machine.

Best decision ever.