Monday, January 03, 2005

Being Crafty

I've spent the evening resurrecting a pair of jeans that got all but destroyed last tour. I think they'll last four more months. So I chopped off the hem, (which was three inches too long, and had been shredded when I walked on it), took in the thinning side seams, embellished, and put on a belt.

It's the artsiest pair of jeans I've ever worn, but they should hold out. And there's room for more souvenir patches... I like getting to be creative. And I got to watch Sabrina. That is one of my favorite movies, and always makes me want to move to Paris immediately. French people may smoke too much as a whole, but I think they know how to live better than we do, for all money and stuff.

"The French work as hard as anyone, they just know when to quit."

Strange site statistics

And the #1 search that brings google to my site:

"ron weasley's least favorite sandwich filling"

I think we can safely say that none of them are British.

Stop the Madness

From yesterday's Yakima Herald Republic:

"Authentic Filipino dinners are available from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Filipino-American Hall in Wapato.

Thursday: Chicken adobo, pork stir fry, pancit, rice, cookie or fresh fruit."

Ha. We serve a cookie and fruit.

I made it

I made it into Yakima last night after one. Fourteen hours of driving later, I feel, this morning, like I was hit by a runaway semi. Which is, of course, ridiculous, because at some points in the evening, they were passing me on all sides. I don't handle curves well in the dark. My "in the dark driving strategy" is to find someone who is going the same speed I want to go, and latch onto their taillights at an appropriate distance.

So I'm here. I need to unpack my car and take a shower.

Oh, and on a slightly *sigh* ironic note, I drove RIGHT PAST my exit for tour in a few days...At 9:17 last night.