Saturday, March 01, 2008


So, sorry for the long delays between posts. Many many things have been happening recently, most of which I either couldn't talk about, or didn't have time to.

One of them was work, which has been going badly for a long time, but of course blog-law says not to talk about it. Tomorrow is my last day, and I've just been gutting it out. These past couple have been sooooo hard -- I've started my new show, which is paid, last week I was nannying, also paid, started a new job - to cover this one, since I could see the handwriting on the wall for the current one, and starting production meetings for the movie I'm costuming this week. It has been insanely busy (following almost a solid month of inactivity, Teri, because of the pass closure, and all my money being tied up in moving), but getting less each week. Three weeks from now should be lovely.

I realized again today how much music can affect me. As I've spent the last few days forcing myself to not walk out - as I desperately want to, I've been listening to the "cool favorites" station at work. It's not a bad channel. In the evenings I can't stand it because the DELILAH show (gag!) is on, but during the day they play a lot of pleasant music. Somehow, when I think I can't last one more minute, the Cranberries song from You've Got Mail plays, or that Hawaiian "Over the Rainbow" (also in You've Got Mail), or something else fun, and for that three minutes life is ok again, and I'm not fuming over how much I loathe this job, and how much I have to do today that I'd rather be doing. But tomorrow is it.

I've had one week of Alice in Wonderland, and the shows have got well. The kids, as always in this genre, always give me a run for my money, and I never know what they'll say or do or laugh at. It's different every day. Thursday I had to do the show blind, as my eyes have completely wigged out again from using my contacts the first two shows. It's fun to prance around in a frilly blue dress and pinafore for a few hours a day, acting young and emphatic, and watching my fellow actress play the other six characters.

Life at the new job is so far slow, but doable. My manager and I need to have a talk though. She keeps putting me on the schedule when I'm not really needed just to "give me hours." I finally had to let her know yesterday that I have plenty of "just hours" elsewhere, what I need here is just a couple of nights or days good serving. The other three or four jobs (soon two or three) can take care of "hours" and I'd rather have the time right now. I'm going in tonight to waitress.

I'm costuming a film for the 168 project this week, which is very exciting, and I'm having a great time working out how to reproduce my designs, but since its for a competition, I can't discuss anything at all until the film is finished.

And now I'm off to nap. Last night there was great upheaval and crashing about in the middle of the night, which, as it turned out, was my roommate getting hauled off to the hospital by four EMTs. Very exciting stuff.