Monday, February 11, 2008

The House of Coffee

It's an interesting cultural quirk of Seattle - it's love of coffee. In no other city could there be this many independent places, right next door to national chains, and holding their own. Because coffee is a pastime here. It is not uncommon to start the day with a latte, and have several more throughout the day. Some friends of mine buy mocha on their morning walk, then make a pot of coffee to carry to work with them.

My roommates and I, in a household where we have a designated toaster corner - where, when I brought in my toaster oven another had to make it's way to storage because the corner was crowded - have a coffee maker apiece. We have one krupps duo coffee/espresso maker, one coffee maker with two refillable cups attached, and one barista style espresso maker.

I would be snarky, but the duo is mine, which, when I left all of my other belongings behind in a storage unit, remembered to pack my coffeemaker.