Saturday, April 24, 2004

I bought an vintage hooked rug at a garage sale today. It has a flowered decal and some scrollwork. Grandma also stopped by with a set of faded white curtains that didn't sell at her garage sale. The price was right. I have one more curtain rod. I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.

I confess, I have a decorating addiction. Luckily, I'm pretty good at re-arranging what I have, or buying second hand. And as HGTV will tell you, paint is the cheapest, fastest way to update your furnishings. I miss that show...*sigh*

The people tonight in the restaurant didn't leave for flipping ever! I've never seen so many bottles of wine emptied by one table.
My beautiful Garden:

I've got a little 4 by 6 foot garden. It has a Angelface rose, and a peppermint striped miniature, and another miniature red rosebush. I have coral bells, and little pink flecked ground cover flowers, and some carnations, and violets that appeared after the last flood. I have a strip of concrete that I have a few pots, and old copper teakettles with Ivy. Today at a flower shop that I visit, but never buy because it's too expensive, they had an herb pot. It had lots of pots joined together, and one on the back was broken. I took it, for half price. I went to the cheaper nursery and bought a little double frilled impatient. And they had hanging Fuschia for ten dollars a pot. It is beautiful, bright colored, and is shade loving. I had to have it. Next payday I'm going to get some more double Impatients.

I also repotted an ivy, and made a circular frame from a coathanger. I've begun training it into the hoop.