Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ledgering Again

Ledgering Again

The first month of accounting sucks. I spent two hours making sure everything balances out between last year and this year, and my purse broke, so I can't carry my spending log around. Basically everything was two weeks behind, and I had one transfer that didn't, luckily I didn't spend the same money twice, and was typical a few years ago when I only checked my bank account balance to see if "I had any money to spend." Usually not, but I spent anyway. So my first month's spending log is done, and my account is up to date, bills paid, and I'm all caught up with a little play money left over!

In a note of rejoicing, I paid off my move finally. I can't move again for a while. This was too expensive. I hope I can write it off.

I have more to write, more observations to make, and some general pithy comments, but I'm yawning my head off. Tomorrow is my long day, so I think I'll turn in very early for me.

Oh, and guess who sorted through 80 boxes of donations in a little over 2 hours? ME. That's who. I did a little dance with a peppy cheer after work when only Nancy and Sam were watching. "Who just sorted the whole d--n load. It's me! It's me!" Complete with choreography.