Monday, February 08, 2010

Life is Hellish...but only in a good way.

I'm working retail. I'm understudying The Emperor's New Clothes of which I'm doing all the Saturday performances, and days when the Empress has weekday matinees of her other show. I've just been hired to costume design Fiddler on the Roof and Seussical for the student training part of my Children's Theater. I was called in with 8 days notice to costume Woman in Black for OCT. That opens Friday. Rehearsals for The Princess and the Pea begin in April.

On top of that I spend every waking second that I'm not in rehearsal, and neither is He (since His show goes into tech next week) driving south to spend quality time. There's lots of Lattes and Pepsi in my diet at the moment.

We were standing in the checkout line looking (I was looking, He was heroically offering support of my enthusiasm for decor) at the shabby chic and do-it-yourself design magazines. There was one beautiful living room, painted robin's egg blue with eclectic furniture, kitschy afghans, bookcases lining the walls, and a vase of flowers on the table. I showed Him, and He said, "yes, but if this were a house YOU lived in, there'd be a half empty Pepsi can here (pointing), a half drunk coffee here (pointing), shoes here and here, and whatever project you're currently working on taking up this chair. And every cabinet door open. I had to give him that one. Though I've been much better on the cabinet door front. And the lining my shoes up next to his on the doormat front. (They look very cute and tiny next to His) I'm still bad at the half-drunk Pepsi front, but that, we've decided, is his fault. Every time I open a Pepsi, he decides we need to spoon on the couch, and it's impossible to drink sideways from a can. Maybe we can invest in straws.

I've been working on new Emma Jeans items for the past month, but the construction is happening in fits and starts. When done, I should have a whole line of tie dresses, a coat, and a purse. I've ordered garment care labels bulk off eBay, so this round should look even more professional.

I'm off to sew!