Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Harry Potter

This article, I'm sure, has circulated around a hundred times, but this is the first I've read of it. It defends Harry Potter from those that outright reject the Harry Potter series. A very good read, though it assumes you've read the first two.
Here are a few sites of people who have visited me recently: Janet and Laurie. Check them out!

Feeling really dumb...

I've just read, for the first time, The Man Who Was Thursday by Chesterton. I'm on my second read through. The first time I blasted through to get to the point. I felt really dumb by the end. I didn't understand any of the symbolism. And the only surprise I got right in the plot was knowing the connection between Sunday and the man in the dark room. Now I'm going line by line back through. Very slowly. Can anyone tell me what Gregory's sister is supposed to be?

More Scary but true...

A server at the chuckwagon sends a drink order through with a note to *see server.* He dashes in and tells me the lady is a "little bit picky." She wants one lemonade, half lemonade, half water. And one arnold palmer (usually half lemonade, half iced tea) with 70% water, and 15% iced tea and lemonade. We spent some time in stitches debating exactly how much is 70% of a 20-ounce glass. (14 ounces, if anyone did the math) How unreal is this place?

Brains draining away


Wendy's family is out of town for the next two days packing up the house they just sold. So I was given the keys to the place and unlimited use of a computer. I've been online for hours. I was on for four hours this morning, and it's after midnight now. In my defense (because surely no one who reads this blog has ever spent too much time online before) I haven't had internet connection of my own in over a year. I will be so glad to move into a place where I can enjoy my occasional addiction. I've missed browsing the movie goofs pages, and having ages to look up links to my blog. Boy, this might explain why I've had more dates this year than in my entire college life combined (three, if you MUST know -- and college had extenuating circumstances).

What am I whiling away my evening reading? Um. Buffy scripts. Isn't there any way to make that smaller? My sister bought the ENTIRE season six and we had ourselves a marathon. I never watched Buffy until she bought season five. I read studiously through the first ten episodes. By the twelfth I was catching the occasional scene. I was suckered into the 16th, and then I watched the rest. And there is a LOT of Spike in season six. He's my favorite. Help me, I've inadvertently joined thousands of screaming pre-teens. But his characterization is amazing. Especially in one episode that goes through his entire lifespan as a vamp. Very nice transitions. I'm going to have to watch House on Haunted Hill again. He played "Camera man #3." Lucky guy -- a real number. Which is more than I can say for myself.

Really I'm trying to numb out the suspense of waiting for these directors to get back to me. It'll all be old hat after a while, but this is my first round of casting calls. I'll know by the end of the week. I've been slightly nauseous for several days.