Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The newest Calzone

The Newest Calzone

So...um...I joined a rock band. I think rock band covers it. They play covers of The Killers (My new favorite), Outkast, Greenday, Good Charlotte (yay!) and Jimmy Eat World, Queen, along with things like Money Money, My Sharona, and Margaritaville. Quite an eclectic mix.

They needed a keyboard player, and a token chick to occasionally fill in on vocals. So they asked me to sit in on a few rehearsals, and learn a couple of songs to play with them. I learned "Jenny was a Friend of Mine" and "When I Come Around". And Sunday night they asked me to join. So there. Now I'm trying to learn their original 25 songs, and the 25 they added last night. So as of last night I can play "The Distance" by Cake I think. And all of "Mr. Brightside" except the last solo. Anyway, I'm having a stinking good time. I spent three hours last night trying to futz out parts by ear. I'm getting an entire pop-music education in one week or less.