Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Robert Jordan Strikes Again

Robert Jordan Strikes Again...

...with his longest prologue ever; 99 pages. I've read seven of them. I think it's stopped raining enough to go get my sewing machine out of the car and start quilting. My drunkards path is coming along nicely, except that I started by using up scraps, so I don't have an even number of anything. Exactly the look I'm going for, but harder to plan around when I'm buying new fabric.

What do you do when you get acquainted with someone that you can actually talk to. About something. Last night the most amazing thing happened. I called a guy in the middle of a documentary, and he turned it off to talk to me. Shocking! We talked about all sorts of things. Favorite movies, coffee shops, Cate Blanchett, Keanu Reaves, city life, poetry, one act plays, gender roles, and sea lions. It's a new concept. I'd always been in the situation of having to tone down to avoid the look of panic that comes when your average guy hears you go on about a book. (And rightfully so. I can go on for ages after it's actually interesting any longer) It's been lovely. And I love listening to him talk about things that interest him. And he thinks I'm smarter than him, but I think he is, so it works out nicely.

I'm going to go finish the last of my chocolate turtles and get to quilting. 100 channels of cable and I've run out of sitcom reruns to rot my brain. Tomorrow -- used bookstore, getting my eyebrows done, and maybe a pedicure.