Monday, June 30, 2008

Watching Sound of Music


The Captain and I got to watch the understudy run tonight, and see what works and what doesn't. It's going to be an absolutely beautiful show. Beautiful setting, beautiful costumes, beautiful moments.

We were, however, wet, as a thunderstorm rolled through pre-show and dampened us all, but not our spirits.

Tomorrow, first dress!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can't remember what day this is. Thursday, perhaps?

Blazing hot rehearsal this afternoon getting the dances shifted from our rehearsal space to the outdoor theater. Seriously cool set, and unbelievably nice vista from the audience over the mountain ranges that surround the ski hill. Tonight is a lengthy cue to cue rehearsal. I have a vocal rehearsal for the other show to go to in an hour or so.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A bit of boredom ensuing. We're so far ahead of schedule with Sound of Music that they keep cancelling rehearsals. Which is great for the people who live in town - they can get back to doing regular things. For me, it means more hours of bumming around my room twiddling my thumbs.

Today I'm running over to see the rehearsal for my director's other show, and then I'll be good and go schlepping for jobs again. It would be so nice to start working and refill the coffers a bit.

Last night was the first rehearsal with orchestra - always a rough proposition, but the conductor has done the show many many times, and all will quickly be well. Something Good needed an extra runthrough, and Confidence made their eyes go big - I change tempos a lot in the opening. But we all muddled through somehow.

Tonight is a dance rehearsal for Kiss Me Kate - I've not had to go so far, since I'm mainly set dressing. I hear its really fast and really good. I get to Lindy Hop at some point, hurrah!

And I'm off to see the Wizard now. Really. That's the kids show. The costumes were lined up around the room during last night's rehearsal, and I was itching to put on a munchkin hat. The one with the big flower on it. But I didn't, since I am a professional.

And there was a big sign saying:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Triple Act II runthrough today, after a morning of review rehearsals. The first run was a bit clunky, but the last was great. Tomorrow our first full run.

I'm feeling a bit dry, and hoping I'm not getting the cold that one of our Kurts has brought to rehearsals. I think it's just aclimating to the desert after living on the coast. I can't seem to drink enough water to stay hydrated for longer than a few hours. My huge water bottle sprung a leak at rehearsals the other day, so I'm relying on the fountain.

Personal victory, I have now climbed the hill to my house on my bike twice without getting off and walking the last bit. Next goal is to be able to do it while singing "Doe a Deer" at the top of my lungs. I also got a library card - and checked out the Hitchhiker's Guide to read this weekend.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

An endless runthrough with the kids, who are all doing a great job, but with double casting we run and run and run the kids songs. A break, and an hour Laendler review.

It's really starting to look good, and we have our first Act 1 runthrough tonight. It's going to be nice to put everything together finally. I'm going to stop by to see the manager at a job I'm hoping to get lined up so I can stop wondering when that's going to fall into place, and then rest for a few hours until its time for a review before the run.

I got my first full night's sleep last night, and am feeling good, if a little tired of singing the closing number over and over and over and over.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last night was complete schizophrenia. I had to remember my own blocking, the blocking of the lead I'mm understudying, and then out of the blue, I found out I'mm also in the chorus as a completely different character, and I have to learn more music. Not a huge deal since I already am in the scene, but more to do.

Today we blocked our last kids number. The only dance we have left is the Laendler. That happens...thursday? I've lost track. Today Maria was a little more centered. I'd gone completely overboard trying to get rid of my own rather prim mannerisms, and had to reign in my Maria-on-the-run persona. Putting on my character shoes fixed most of it. I'm also moving slower.

In my bit of spare time I'm going to eat lunch and go to safeway to buy hairspray. Then, rehearsals until 10. The long days have commenced in earnest, and I'm raring to go. First full Act-1 runthrough on Thursday night.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Like Solvang

It's beginning to feel a lot like Solvang...

Well, here I am, writing to you from the Library - slash - Civic Offices Building in downtown. My bike is up and running, and I thought it would be good now to take advantage of a rather long lunch break that will rarely be repeated in the next few weeks.

The weather is sunny and warm. Walking to rehearsal this morning I was able to air my glittery short skirt - the only above-the-knees anything I've worn in ages. Looking down, I could see my legs shining white in the morning sunshine.

Today is a Kiss Me Kate day. We have one vocal rehearsal this afternoon for Marias and Captains, but all the blocking tonight is for the other. I added mayo to my tuna salad a la Becky, and may make it last two or three lunches. I filled my car with all the groceries I had in the house, and stopped at an outlet store to pick up the obligatory Ramen Noodles (3.00 for 12), Macaroni and Cheese (off brand, 3 for 1.00), some produce and a box of dented Cheese-its. The above must last until I can start working in July, so any stretching I can do is necessary. I also brought along some yeast and flour - to bake bread when I run out of my current loaf. Ah the life of a performer.

I didn't want to add extra gas in my car, since the plan is to ride my bike everywhere and not use my car again until its time to go home. So I was gaging my gas usage, furious at anyone who made me brake suddenly, or come off cruise control, and pulled into town just as the gas light came on. Hurrah!

Now I'm on my own power, settled into my little room. The windows must be on the East Side of the house - because I woke at 5:54 with sun in my room. It's a lovely little place. I'm all unpacked and settled in, with my coffee maker in my room as well. This morning I slept in a bit, brewed coffee, did a smattering of yoga to wear off the road-weariness, showered and walked the quarter mile to rehearsal. I love the weather here, and walking down the road with the farms on the ground and mountains on all sides, it's all I can do not to throw out my arms and twirl a-la Julie Andrews.

Now I'm going to bike around and try not to break any laws as I find milk for my coffee. Hopefully someone has a sale.

Ciao all!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Last day of Sanity

Last Day of Sanity

Today is the end of my vacation. Tomorrow I head back down for one more post-op appointment, then board the plane for home.

I've had a great trip. I ate at Manny's twice - and had our chicken avacado burrito, Drea. I had some chocolate at Rocky Mountain, coffee and Wendy's, sang at Fess' Inn on Thursday, sang in church today (after which a lot of people, upon learning that I act - not sing - for a living, expressed incredulity that a person with my voice would do anything but stand up and sing, which I find boring compared to DOING a SHOW), had Thai at Boonie's one town north, ate at the waterfront one town South, and wandered the Paseo eating Ben and Jerry's from a cone.

My vision is 20:20 now, and isn't dry anymore, and in another day or so I'll be able to wear eye makeup again. Very very exciting for me - since I love to dress them up.

I've had lots of chances to nap, sit in the sun, and watch late-night sitcom reruns while resting. I've also practiced some, and ran lines, and feel ready for rehearsals to start. I have some more ideas to try in the kids songs and with the Captain.

I have 48 hours at home, while packing to leave for my summer shows. I've got to meet up with Fred, pack up my room, load my car, make a key, move in my subletter, and have coffee with Bean on the road - where I'll give her the bridal shower present that's been sitting in my car.

Then, 3 weeks of 8am-10pm rehearsals, and my first show opens!

Ta for now - see you when the dust settles.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I'm also very tired from getting my eyes fried yesterday.

But I can see signs and words and hills and mountains and in the mirror and flowers and my feet and that I need a pedicure and that I left conditioner in my hair trying not to get water in my eyes in the shower and the birds and the television and my hand when I wake up and don't have to look for my glasses after all.

It's really nice.