Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Financial Mishaps

OH OH OH OH! So, now I know why I'm supposed to use the little worksheet to balance my checkbook. I've been very conscientious for the past six months. Trying to be responsible for a change and all that. Every few days I check my online statement to make sure I haven't forgotten to write down any ATM charges. I go through my checkbook every other week to see what checks are still out in la la land. But I hadn't gone through with the little book.

So now I have my fabulous ledger, and I'm basically transcribing all of my accounts into it. First, I found a $20 addition error in the bank's favor. Darn it.

Now I have a bigger snafu, that's taken me three hours to figure out what I did exactly. It seems that I took out a $100 cash back that I didn't write down about two months ago. Then for the crowning achievement, I saw some "shopping" money that I'd actually paid cash the time I'm sure it made sense to put in that missing hundred dollars as shopping. Well, I found it when I was perusing my checkbook a month later, and said to myself, "I paid cash for that! Free money" So I credit myself that money. So, for those that followed that and realised the ramifications...I'm now officially $200 in the hole once everything goes through. Crap. At least, for a change, I am aware of the problem before the overdraft kicks in, and 2, (also for a change) I have money in savings to cover the money I've now spent. Twice. Drat.

Oh so tired.

Gave an 35 minute concert last night in the "lounge" (sounds nicer than 'bar' doesn't it?). I've never had so many encores. Six, I think. And then several groups wanted to buy me a drink. I forgot I'd been too busy singing to eat anything. Blech....only two fruity little things and I'm rather.....unwell...this morning. Blech. Blech. Blech. Reminds me why I don't do that very often. Blargh....stupid stupid stupid. It was fun singing though. I forget, sometimes, how much I love doing it. And it is nice to have people clustered around telling you how wonderful you are. Liking that! If only we had cuter uniforms. And some midnight I was a little bit flushed and shiny! I prefer to perform looking cool as a cucumber....and slightly aloof....or something. So I sang, and handed out my cards, and enjoyed being fawned, instead of run over.