Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful Moooooooorrrning

Day two of two days off, I spent all day yesterday sleeping - except for a break to go to Bible Study number one. Today I'm going to be scrapbooking at the parents' house while watching Allie do her homework. Fun stuff.

Last night at Bible study (a study on intimacy) we discussed the old phrase that fathers used for centuries; "Young man, are your intentions honorable." But in a day when young women leave home at 18, and don't get married until almost thirty, who is going to ask that question? Well, maybe we should. I mean, most of us begin relationships in the dark about "where things are going" and why the guy is interested because we're afraid we'll drive a guy off if we ask. No guy wants a girl who is always asking "what are we doing exactly." Right? But how much time do we waste on relationships that are going nowhere because we don't ask the question right up front - "what are your intentions?" I know I would have saved my self several months of emotional f---wittage and a case of mono if I'd just been point blank at the beginning, and not accepted non-answers.

So, my new policy, embroider "Are your intentions honorable" and frame it on my front door. That should finally clinch me as a confirmed old spinster, and drive away any waffling insincere guys...