Sunday, April 18, 2004

I spent the day with my sister between church and when she went to work. We stopped by the mall to look for summer clothes. It's time to go searching for my summer wardrobe in the Penney's catalogue. I figure two or three shorts and a couple of blouses should get me by for another season. St. John's Bay to the rescue.
Another reason for my disappearance, I've been shut in my apartment reading for four days. 6 books finished. I finally found some great ones. "The Color Purple" was good in a Steinbeck sort of way. I'd recommend "The Devil Wears Prada" as a great modern coming of age story. And "Exodus" is a great, lengthy, historical fiction work about the creation of the Israeli state. It has a decidedly pro=Jewish state stance, but is very compassionate in showing the average Arab community and how they've been manipulated by their environment and charismatic leaders. Almost no mention was made of Palestinian Christians...They're lumped in with the Moslem populations for most of the book, if mentioned at all.
Sorry for the lul in blogging. Now that I don't have the time between check outs and check ins to blog, I'm working out where and when to get a computer. I'm varying between my grandma's house, my friend's house, and the library. I'll be back more often soon! Don't stop reading! See you guys around the block..