Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Been sick all week. Just managed to keep my voice through four performances of Pinocchio and then lost it for days. Been sleeping nearly round the clock, except for nannying. By lucky coincidence, this is my understudy's week to go on for me, so I had five days off. I can speak now, and sort of sing, and should be good to go by saturday.

I've been making a Halloween costume this week - an airplane - for a woman's 6-year-old nephew. I finished this morning just in time for her to come pick it up. It looks pretty cute, but I did have to punt a bit with the materials that were purchased for me.

My third Lindy Hop class tomorrow - followed by a class outing to go swing dancing.

Batboy the Musical for Halloween going dressed as Elizabeth Bennett.

Saturday shows.

My roommmates and I have been talking about moving - and finally squared it with our landlord today. I've got to find a new place by December 1. I'm trying to stay in the neighborhood - easier to move, and near all the places I already know.

I'm ready for a break, (one that I don't spend sick) but next month will be spent running one show, rehearsing another, and moving.