Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Pedersons Inn wants me to put on an after dinner recital. 30-40 minutes of music. hmmmmm. I'm going to do it -- but I need to hem a dress first. Should be in July. So far I've made $500 singing this summer -- Pedersons should bring in another $300. I'm going to sing at a winery tomorrow night. No pay -- its impromptu, but the owners spend tons of money each year supporting young artists.
I sang in the bar last night. When its late and the dining rooms are empty, I'll go in and goof off with Bill the pianist. Last night Bill wasn't there, but Hermann wanted me to sing with this child prodegy who comes in and plays. Tequila guy was hanging on the piano leering at her (poor girl -- he did that last night too), and asked if I was going to sing. I said, "I would be happy to. But you're in my spot." Boy did that feel good! Anyway, I sang, and Tequila guy and wine lady (his horrible wife) decided that I am "not exquisite (as she corrected another lady that came over to talk to me) but fabulous." Whatever. Maybe they'll actually tip now that they've decided I have talent. Wine lady was nice enough to tell me that I'm wasting my time this summer working here. I had to inform her that I have to work a "real job" in the summer so I can spend the year training. Anyway...it was fun. Bill is here tonight -- I need to find new songs to sing though -- I'm getting tired of the same three.