Monday, March 19, 2007

Drea, for your humor and benefit, the "recently overheard" section of my sidebar is up and running again.

Some other tidbits; I'm really too tired for anything else.

I saw a centipede today the length of a dinner plate. The general consensus was "Not dangerous. Not dangerous." But freakily unexpected, nonetheless.

The Barang are sleeping outside now, swathed in mosquito nets. Outside it's 78 at night, inside closer to 90. I hope to have a picture soon. My net is pink, Alissa's is blue, and Jessica's borrowed a green one. Katie said we looked like the shrouds of the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty.

We're doing relationship this week. And, my key relationship needing work is with God, who I believe horrible things about, and am now beginning the uphill battle of changing them. I'm still raw from the insights I learned about myself in mutual confession last week.

My box still hasn't come. It gets prayed for daily around here. Chocolate!

And I'm heading back in to the base. Maybe I'll get to read a little John Piper tonight after I study Khmer.

I met someone...

I met someone...

...who knows Joann Shetler. Our speaker this week (Relationships) lived very near them in the Phillipines. The YWAM base there is right next to the airport that houses JARS. They've met Joann, Doming and Loree. And best of all, Tekla's daughter, Ana, worked closely with them on the YWAM base, attended DTS, and then worked with them for several years before going to China. How cool is that? I got to hear even more stories over dinner. (This is Wycliffe Dinner Theater talk, for those of you who are lost).

They also have a lot of people in YWAM that came out of Compassion or WorldVision programs. I'm glad to see there's crossover in ministries. There should be, but I hadn't seen any so far. Hurrah. That made my night!