Saturday, June 12, 2004

I had the worst day at work. Yesterday I got next week's schedule. I have three night shifts and three day shifts, six total. I had nine shifts this week. They gave one girl five of the shifts I usually work. And they've hired two new cocktail waitresses. I'm so discouraged. I've tried to be available. I'm cross trained in three departments. I should be working more than I am. The shifts I have bartending are mostly the slowest days. Today they told me I was to train the girl that's taking over the waggin tongue next week. We were busy. She is very nice, but very flaky. She doesn't see what needs to be done, and spent the day telling me how she thought drinks should be made. Who was training who? (whom? I'm so upset I can't remember grammar) So I'm trying to do my job, train her through hers, and it was a very hectic day. I'm stressed. I feel like management today backed me into a corner. I don't know what I'll do if this keeps up. I need to make enough money this summer for my next move. And we won't even get started on the guests. I can't work for them much longer. I brought my Corinthians 13 sign today and posted it by the soda gun. Charity lasted about thirty minutes into the shift. After that I was in fight or flight mode. Which is funny, because I do very well under pressure normally. But today it was all I could do not to give the idiot look to the woman who asked "is this where we inquire about popcorn, or next door." I held myself down to, "The popcorn machine is right there, let me finish this drink and I'll get you some." What I would have liked to have said was, "Do you SEE a popcorn machine? Right. I guess this is the place." I'mm being very rude and unkind. Sorry. Just needed the vent....Off to bludgeon myself with a blunt object.
Andrea and I had a Cashflow Marathon last night. It's a game by the guy who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I won three, she two -- which brings our total to an even 3-3. She won the game we played a few nights ago. The game is kind of like monopoly. More true to life. You can make investments in real estate and the stock market. You hit "unexpected expenses," downsize, and have children. You also start the game with credit card, retail, and auto loans, student loans and a mortgage. It's great. The strategy seems to be to pay off the loans to lower your cost of living, and increase your passive income (like having rental property that pays the real estate mortgage leaving you with money per month leftover). When your passive income is greater than your expenses, you're out of the Rat Race.
I had a letter from Adventures In Odyssey yesterday. I'd sent in my resumee asking how I might be considered. I'm to make a voiceover demo, and send it in. I think I'm going to have to research that option. Voiceovers....