Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 in Review

My year-end review of status updates from my facebook page. All in all, a pretty good summary of my year. Relationship excepting. Because it's kind of cheesy to talk incessantly about your boyfriend online. Even if he's the best ever. Even if you're madly head over heels, rainbows and bunnies smitten. See? Cheesy. But other than that, here's the year...

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Three Show Week...

Wednesday, for my birthday, Alan managed to get us balcony seats to 5th Avenue's production of White Christmas. It was a lovely show - quite different from the film, but still retaining the same feel. What it lost of the main four characters was gained by the secondary roles. Luckily the choreography number that I've never liked didn't make it into the live show. At the curtain call, snow fell from machines above the audience. Alan and I were both distracted trying to figure out what the snow was made of, and which poor sap had to sweep up afterwards. Then we met his friend, who played Phil Davis, and Eric and went for drinks across the street.

Friday night we went to see a late night Fight Choreography show. Luckily it was at the same theater I needed to return some borrowed costumes to, and at the end of the night, they asked if I was interested in costuming their winter show. I told them I was. Drinks afterwards with the cast here too.

Saturday was a panto of Jack and the Beanstock - great fun to laugh, yell, hiss, and throw stuffed peas at the giant. The humor was right up my alley, and Alan enjoyed watching me giggle at the bad puns. We spent time on the computer searching for lyrics from the nonsense number they started the second act with. They are (after much searching): "eine kleine fliegel flugel aufgeweckene biegel bugel ergeschplitten lauteboomer bird!"

Now the fun ends, and I'm back to being a retail whore for Christmas. Good sales, though, and yesterday a woman sang my praises ending with referring to me as "massive." Huh.

Monday, December 07, 2009

So, the event of the emergency room visit!

Yesterday, when I was getting just getting ready to leave for my show, I hit my head on a bookcase and had to go to the emergency room instead.

It didn't seem too bad at first. My head didn't hurt, and it stopped bleeding quickly. I kept asking Alan if it was possible to do the shows first, then take care of it. He convinced me (only after he showed me my head in the mirror) that it probably needed to be looked at.

So I went to the hospital, meanwhile frantically calling my troupe to see if we could find my understudy last minute. I did need staples. 7 of them. The proceedure wasn't bad. It's far easier to get staples on the back of your head then on your nose like the last time...watching someone put stitches right between your eyes is unnerving.

I'd asked my director if she wanted me to give up both shows to my swing, but she asked if I would please come and finish out the run. So I went to the second show of the day, carefully put my costume and crown over my fresh stitches, and did the run. The crown fell off my head at one point, and I had to shove it back on sight unseen. It didn't hurt, but I was worried that it would. The local anesthetic held out until about midway through, then I started to feel it.

My head aches a little this morning, but otherwise my biggest debate is how to hide staples at work. If hats are not an option.