Friday, March 14, 2003

The last few days of freedom! Now that I've gotten everything done but my music, I'm spending my time doing craft projects I've put off, or put aside, or not finished. So far in the talley: One miniature sewing box out of red brocade with a "hat" shaped pincushion on the top. Very cute. Matches my living room to a tee. I used about a gallon of tacky glue. The goal for the rest of the semester -- year -- whatever, is to make projects out of the stuff I have. One cabinet, part of the top of my closet, all of behind my bed, both end tables, and part of under my bed are full of random fabrics, notions, and ribbons to make projects that I've since forgotten about. I've told myself I cannot buy anything new until I do some of those....

In other news, 23 days until my recital. AHHHHHH!

My House is painted, my graduate application is in, and my recital dress is done! Everything I intended to have done by the end of spring break is done...except for memorizing my music. That's tonight and tomorrow's project. Wish me luck! I'd love to get everything done I meant to do...and even get my bedroom back in order too!