Friday, April 30, 2004

I have the morning off tomorrow. I think I'll read. Or maybe read at the beach. Or maybe read at the park. I have reading on the brain.

In the past couple of weeks I've been tearing my way through at least a book a day, sometimes two. Right now the favorite is "At the drop of a Veil." It's a true story of a woman in the 40's who married an Arab man and moved to Saudi Arabia with him. Eventually there will be a dramatic escape -- after she discovers that her husband has divorced her and taken the children by one word casually spoken to the King (Prince?) that he serves. How very exciting. I don't think I could handle the flies all over the food either. I do really like dates...

How could a Western woman deal with being shrouded and confined every single day? I suppose I'm going to find out as I get further in.

And I'm supplimenting it with a little Screwtape Letters here and there.

There is a skunk wandering around the Alisal. With my luck I'm going to go home and find him in my apartment. I'll blog tomorrow from a tomato juice bath...
My friend Adrian had his senior recital tonight. Toi toi to him... He's still planning on knuckling down and going to grad school. Maybe I'll do that one of these days. Or maybe by correspondence from Canada or Provence. I've always wanted a Theology Degree.
I came home with fifty bucks today in cash tips from the golf lounge. Hurah! I'm almost out of dates. The food that is. My other dates have long since been exhausted.