Monday, June 28, 2004

Fed Up

That's it, I'm going to get lunch. Rarrrgh.

More horrible blogness

Frustrated! Blogger doesn't support any recent comment functions that I can find. And my picture is not converting from tif. Hours later I'm right where I started.

Blogger stuff

I have been online for hours trying to upload a picture into my sidebar. Also, I'm trying to find the code for a most recent comments function in my sidebar. Now I'm trying to convert an image from tif to something else that will upload into imagehosting and then somehow I'll get it into my blog. I know just enough to modify my template and colors, but not enought to do otherwise than keep plugging away by trial and error. I'm getting frustrated.


This is my 700th blog. Pretty cool!

I have the day off today. I have to call around and make sure all the letters of recommendation I've been begging have made it in the mail. Wycliffe will be making a decision at the end of this week. I should hear back from Houston shortly afterwards. The suspense is nagging.

I sang last night. One of the ladies in the bar apparently has something to do with LA Opera. Of course, there are lots of people who have *something to do* with lots of places. I hate to be cynical, but not everyone is discovered in some out of the way place and boosted to instant success.

I intend to bum about today, practice some, and do more bumming. Maybe weed my garden. Boy I wish I had something more profound to blog.