Thursday, March 06, 2003

Ah! Three performances in one day! I think this is easily the most I've done. Sometimes two -- no wait, maybe with Melody Lane we'd have that kind of turn around. I'm so tired, but I had SOOOOOOO much fun! My role wasn't the comedy role, but I got to dance around singing at the top of my lungs. With the little kids this afternoon they only laughed at the wolf. Robyn and I would being acting and singing our hearts out, and all he had to do was walk onstage and they were on the floor laughing. Ah well -- the majority of the studio came tonight, and it was so much fun to perform for them! They liked it! They really liked it! I wish I'd gotten some pictures, but I forgot to get my camera back from Adrian before I left town today. I'm going to go wash the ringlets out of my hair. It's all crusty from hair products, and having to recurl them between shows. Night! I'm still in post performance glow! I think I"ll put off my project until tomorrow morning -- I"m too tired!