Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Here's the link to our wedding registry, for those who were confused by our invitation!

Visit our honeyfund at Honeyfund.com, the free honeymoon registry
Sorry guys. I'm working on getting moved, I have another show to open two days after Thanksgiving, and we have wedding stuff to do, so we've been packing our days with sorting and shopping.

Alan and I made some more mutual household purchases. We were advised by Miles that we could ease the stress of merging stuff by going out and doing some shopping where we both agreed on new items. So we took my early birthday present check, cashed it, and went to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase new bathmats and towels. We settled on fall colors after agreeing that we didn't want red anymore (his towels are ancient, and still bleed in the wash), but we needed something to match our new Vintage Movie Poster shower curtain we finally bought on eBay. We ended up with a burnt orange, sepia, and burgundy striped rug, and matching towels in all three colors. We came home and took 7 trash bags of old linens to the thrift store. Alan's maiden Aunts always give him their castoffs, so he had towels and sheets that haven't seen the light of day.

My sewing station has made the move after an emergency purchase of a professional machine after mine broke. They shop is right around the corner from Alan's house, and they offered me free delivery to take it over. I've been downsizing for months in anticipation.

I'm costuming "Twas the Night Before Christmas" right now, and spent all last evening fitting carollers into their Dickensian dresses and swallowtail coats. Then I labeled every piece, and took away the mending to be shortened, lengthened, or adjusted before our costume runs start next week.

I'm off to strike Dracula this morning!