Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It's amazing that no matter where I go, it all links back to the Thinklings. They're everywhere!
Some thoughts by Randy about modern Christian Worship and it's physiological and psychological effects.

"These people all have "bubbly" personalities and are all wearing Christian paraphernalia. Suddenly, the light goes down, except for the stage light, and a band of mostly good-looking people walk across the stage to their instruments. They ask everyone to stand up. They begin with a prayer that is accompanied by some small musical notes played on a guitar or piano. This sufficiently calms everyone down and puts them in the "right mood" to worship. The band then begins to play songs that are highly emotionally charged."

A disclaimer. I grew up in a praise and worship service style. I then spent four years in a very liturgical Episcopal church. I think there is a place for both styles of music in the appropriate setting. You can't beat hymns for content and beauty. And sometimes one needs to sit down at the piano and sing "Heart of Worship."

For those of you who haven't already read these to death, check out the Lord of the Rings Parody scripts by Molly. Complete with viewer/reader commentary during the movie.
I'm taking World Vision online off my blogroll. I wanted to do a comparison between them and Compassion, but I find that their website is too slow, and often doesn't load at all. Maybe I'll try them again at some future point.