Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I'm in Chino today

Tonight we're speaking for a youth group. This time, we aren't all involved, just supporting the two guys on the team who are giving their testimonies.

And I'm trying to get a handle on our food order. It turns out that our regular supplier can't handle us this far south, so I'm trying to set up an account with the L.A. office, by way of the Wycliffe office, by way of the person in charge who is in the hospital, so that I can get in an order today for a pickup tomorrow or Thursday. Yesterday the food company was supposed to call me to get the number to fax the credit form to the Wycliffe office. And I was on the road all afternoon and couldn't hound them. To top it off, I left the folder with all my order information in the truck. I'm waiting for the people who have the truck to drop it by...

And it's Jessica's Birthday! Happy Birthday Jess!