Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tales of a lone Protestant

Tales of a Lone Protestant

Another winning day in classes. The kids are not settled down from break yet, and keeping them quiet is a major undertaking. Kindergarten was a zoo. I'd decided over break to supplement the "silly" songs we're learning with a few Bible memory songs -- G.T. and the Halo Express stuff. And those clever songs we all learned in Sunday School to help recall which books go in which order. I put up the "Books of the New Testament" overhead and asked the kids if they looked familiar. Blank Stares. One girl in the back tentatively put up her hand and said that maybe they were stories about Jesus. I asked them how many of them had a Bible. Their parents? Ever read one? Crickets chirping. So we're learning them. And hopefully someday it'll connect.

Speaking of which, I dodged a bullet yesterday. We were singing I Timothy 4:12 yesterday and discussing the word "purity." We looked it up in the dictionary to find out it meant "without sin, innocent." Who is a good example of without sin. "God!" Good. "Jesus." Great. "Mary." Ummm... "Joseph!" Mooooving on quickly before I stick my protestant foot into my mouth and have several dozen parents calling the school.

I'm sick again. Still. About the time I start feeling better I have a busy couple of days and take a few steps back. I am supposed to skiing tomorrow, but with my current energy level, I fear I'll make two runs and be too exhausted to finish the day, and down for the count all weekend. I need to call Amanda.

Work is a mess. We've cleaned up most of the main rooms, but the clothes rooms look like my bedroom after my third clothes change of the day, and the bargain rooms are, literally, a disaster area. I spent several hours reorganizing the book room today (my pet project) and I'm nowhere near finished.

Last night was Bar Study. Another 8 chapters of Exodus covered. We're to the tedious parts now -- post Red Sea crossing, into 10 Commandments, the Law, and everyone's favorite, the building of the Tabernacle. Thrilling reading there. Actually last night we discussed how much of Old Testment Law is still part of our value system today -- for instance, one verse says that if an animal gores another animal, then the owner is not responsible, unless the animal has a history of goring, in which case the animal should be killed and the owner made to make restitution. There were even a few we thought could stand to be brought back -- especially those talking about exactly how much restitution is enough (instead of our sue happy culture).

Then over to Sean and Kris' to watch The Wedding Crashers. Which was way funnier than I expected, even watching the "uncut" version. I like Owen Wilson a lot. And the main girl from Mean Girls was in it. Then some discussion of Final Fantasy, which invariably led to the idiot question by me: what the heck is it. I think I lost some brownie points.

Hurrah for an evening with nothing to do, unless I decide to be social. I love Wednesdays.