Thursday, April 29, 2004

It's been a bad week for devotions. I haven't done more than glance at a few verses a night in about a week. I'm not going to my church for a while because they've converted the whole church to their "40 days of Purpose" campaign. Does anyone else out there believe everything in the Bible but never "feel" God? Is that ok? I almost walked out of my friend's church on Sunday because I looked around the room and everyone there appeared to be having one of those great "moments" and I got jealous. I haven't had one of those "I-know-he's-up-there-and-he-loves-me" experiences in a really really long time. In my head I know the feelings don't indicate the state of your faith, but I feel like I'm plodding along...
Another day at the golf lounge. A totally different type of people down there. It's like working at a country club. The members pay their dues and come and use the facility -- for a fee of course. The men are funny -- usually they swagger their way in after and between rounds of golf, suck down a few beers, and head out. If they've just finished a round they carefully talley scores and then exchange bet money. Their wives come in dressed to the nines in golf apparel, but never play. They come in to sit and chat about other members of the ladies golf club. (Which has it's own clock dedicated to them "In memorium." I wonder if they're all ghosts then?) Sometimes they bring in cards. More often they have salads and iced tea. One lady today actually had a sauvignon blanc. They never drink. They excuse themselves for taking up the bar for hours by telling me "My husband will be in later for a drink." Those men do drink.

I poured a guy a beer, turned around to write it down, and it was GONE. Today I had two "honeys" a "sweetie" and a "Kiddoe." Ah well. They like me better today. Apparently a "cute little thing like me" is going to get in trouble here.