Saturday, April 01, 2006

Feeling Grown Up again

Feeling Very Grown Up

I was looking at my mastercard statement to find a couple of charges I made to get to LA and I found a late fee. I panicked for a second, and realized that it was a $19 late fee on residual finance charges leftover from when I *thought* I'd paid off my credit card. But the payoff online didn't account for the five or so days it took for everything to go through. So then they charged me the residual finance charges, and then a late fee for not paying it off on time. And I called them and they took care of it.

I feel very responsible for not just paying them another 19 out of pocket on their mistake.

I am very tired, but wide awake from the coffee I drank to stay awake at the end of my shift. So now I'm doing finances waiting for caffeine buzz to end.

Very Tired

Very Tired.

Got off work after 1:30. Weather bad on pass, so drive took longer than usual. Plus, there were deer in the road.

Worked 8.5 hours today cocktailing. And really drunk people are the worst tippers imaginable due to the inability to multiply out 20%. Or at least 15%. One person, and I'm not even exaggerating, gave me a 4% tip. He handed me $40 on a 38.25 tab and magnanimously allowed me to "keep the change." The night wasn't a total waste. I made $85. Could have made a little more though. And since my tip money is all that is paying the bills right now, I need every bit I can get.

I'm sure I realised this before, but Bridget Jones: the edge of reason is not Pride and Prejudice like the first one, but Persuasion. Someday, when I'm not so tired that I may be incapable of taking out my contacts, I'll analyse this further.