Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another wedding day.

During the evenings, while Alan is in rehearsals and performances for the next few weeks, I'm running to the costume shop. But during the day, it's all wedding, all the time. At least until our invitations are out.

My dress is nearly done. The beading of the bodice is finished, and now I'm layering tulle upon tulle upon tulle to get the skirt finished. I was amazed to walk into the Goodwill Outlet and find a bolt of white tulle one day, and 15 yards each of salmon and oyster colored sparkly tulle. This is my "spare time" project.

I've sent Allison off with some of the plain ornaments I've been collecting all year. I have Stickles (glitter glue) and lots of extra fine glitter to glitz them up.

Mom has made about 1,000 mints in our wedding colors.

If only Alan and I didn't have 5 shows to get through between now and then...