Thursday, October 03, 2002

I am feeling very domestic today. I have chicken and dumplings on the stove, and I'm baking fresh bread. I think I'll make cookies too -- needing a dessert-y sort of a thing. I didn't know I could cook. It suprises me every time something comes out right (although there are lots of times I kill things too -- for example, who besides me can kill a DiGiorno?) I need to clean my house too -- and study for an italian quiz, but that's the great thing about bread. It has all of that "rise time." Which leaves plenty of time where you are house bound, and have nothing else to do but study or clean or read. Oh, and make a bible study. I'm leading my very first. Surely Mary Beth or Mary would be much better at it than I am...I'm afraid that it'll be trite, or that the kids won't understand it, or that they'll laugh or think its dumb. But, where would Israel be if Moses had kept whining, so I guess I'll just shut up and do it...and beg God to supply words. Raarrrrgh. Anyway -- off to make bread!