Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sorry I've been laid up

Been Laid Up

Flat on my back for the last few days with a back injury. Or rather an older injury which keeps getting re-injured. I went to the doctor Friday morning and was told that my car wreck three years ago all-but-obliviated the curvature in my lower spine. So I'm going to keep hurting myself unless I'm very careful. She gave me a lovely brace to wear at work, and a baggy of sample Aleve. Those did nothing, nor did the at least half dozen Ibuprofin I had on top of that.

Spent Friday night awake trying to find a way to sleep that wasn't agony. All of the pain killers only made me noxious. So, thank God, mom came over yesterday bringing food, different pain killers, and took care of me all afternoon. She also cleaned my room for me which was getting a bit out of hand, but I couldn't do anything about it from flat on my back in bed.

Today finally I'm feeling a bit better. After a lovely breakfast of chocolate fondue-d bananas, Murder Must Advertise, and a shower, I'm up to a brief blog.

The bright spot in all this was the Mission when I moved in being unable to find a regular bed for me. Instead I have a medical bed, complete with all the bells and whistles. So, by playing with the remote controls I'm able to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed until I'm comfortable at night.

I'm off to have some stew Mom made last night and back to bed again. If I keep off my feet today, I may be able to be of some use at work tomorrow...