Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Singin' in the Rain

Another rainy night. Not a downpour like the understudy run, or a quick shower like a few weeks back, but a steady drizzle for most of the second act. The paths were quite slippery, but no one fell onstage.

A few unexpected sound effects. Someone did a "Lollypop" sound effect over our first kiss, which caused lots of laughter and rather ruined our moment. Then, a plane flew over during Edleweiss. As I walked down the isle I heard a woman tell someone how short I am - which I'm surprised is the first I've heard of it during this show. Normally I get variations on, "how does such a big voice come out of such a little girl."

The Captain and I discovered that we switch audience feedback by trading places in the receiving line. He gets more "you've got a beautiful voice" and I get more "and you were good, too." We tend to run a cycle of five or six comments apiece.

We had six buses tonight. We sang a quick reprise of Something Good, which made the bus happy. Another man asked the Captain if I enjoyed his kisses.

My hair changed colors yesterday. This town doesn't carry my color of Clairol, so I had to make 10 phone calls to my two directors to ok a one shade difference, decide which one shade difference it should be (lighte or darker), dye it, run by my main director's house to check the color, then check again tonight once my hairpiece was on to make sure it hadn't changed too much. Ahh, the theater.