Saturday, November 28, 2009


This year was a low key Thanksgiving. Dinner with the Logsdon's, Allie, Alan, and my parents in Seattle. We had several non-turkey meats and all the standard fare. Then Becky, Mom and I hit the Thanksgiving night pre-black Friday sale at Michael's. I spent that night at the homeless shelter - my second time that week, as I was called in to cover someone Else's shift on Tuesday as well.

Friday I woke early, and stayed up. After everyone else left to exercise, Mom and I watchd tv and played with the new kitten, who Becky re-named "Smudge." That evening all and sundry watched the opening night of Alan's play, "A Christmas Story." It went much better than he'd expected with a cast of kids and a day off between final dress and opening night. The audience expected to be happy, and applauded when Farkus made his first exit, when the leg lamp appeared, and as the bunny suit walked down the stairs (with the actor inside. Not by itself). I found the first act extremely entertaining thanks to a "Bucket of Rum" drink at the Tiki Room that actually came in a plastic bucket.

Saturday was a late day. I made my Christmas cards with Becky, took Mom, Dad and Mocha to Goodwill-by-the-Pound, they took me in turn to the Pacific Fabrics Outlet, and then I dressed up and went to Alan's to see a play, which in the end we decided not to see as neither of us wanted to leave the couch and two more seasons of Friends.

Tomorrow we're off for an adventure to an unnamed Bavarian Themed Village...