Saturday, February 21, 2004

Today I turn in a resumee/headshot packet. Monday I mail in my PCPA application with all my collected info, recommendation letters, and transcripts. I forgot about ordering a transcript....dang it! I hope I get a job out of this. I spent $60 yesterday on headshot printing and resumee supplies. And stuff. Don't forget the stuff...

I'm so tired. I was out with a friend late last night. Her daughter had run out of gas. I hadn't seen her in a week or so, so I tagged along for the ride. The girl had passed three gas stations, then run out halfway up a hill. So we picked her up. Took her back to one of the gas stations she'd passed. The daughter spent the whole ride claiming that she KNOWS how far she can push her car, and the stupid thing just wouldn't do it. Once we got there, She couldn't figure out how to take the nozzle off. Then pumping the gas wasn't working. We got back, and the can leaked. She put a little into the car, put away the gas can and discovered an age old fact. Cars don't start well with very low gas on an incline. So she repeated the process. The car wouldn't start for the longest time. Finally, we think, she just cussed at it enough to scare it into going.

Then what do you suppose she did?

Did she drive immediatly to the nearest station to fill up?

Of course not.

She drove 4 miles to the middle of nowhere where we all live...Five miles and major hills away from the nearest gas station.....teenage logic. I don't get it.