Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hail the conquering Hero!

I had a mass audition yesterday at the CITA conference. We had a meet and grett for an hour where the various theaters told us what they were looking for. Then we had our audition. I sang one song and did my monologue. Then they turned us right around and posted callbacks. I had four! So, the cities interested in me were Pennslyvania, Houston, San Diego, and one touring company of the Southwest. I was very glad. I thought I woudln't even get one. The opportunity to chat with other Christian performers was great, and the heads of the theaters were very kind at the callback interviews. The first part was pretty much like a normal audition -- their heads were buried in my audition packet. But there's no way to avoid that.

Drea met me down there. We got lost on the way back up, and our trip home took us until 3 am. I'm very tired, but so happy!