Saturday, April 10, 2004

My last double shift day at both jobs. I traded out and got Sunday night off. So I'm only working 11-3 tomorrow -- my last day at job #1. I asked for Monday off. Last night I got my schedule, and not only am I working at the Alisal Monday and Tuesday, I'm working a double shift. That brings my total count of consecutive working days to:


Can someone tell me...?

Last night we had a Jewish family in a back room celebrating passover. I went home and was thinking of the Easter Chronology, which went something like:

"Ok, so tonight was Passover, so now He's in the garden, and at work tomorrow he'd be on trial for Pilate, and at work tomorrow night he'd be buried and then the next day....wait, just a minute. Tonight's Friday. Isn't Passover then on THURSDAY?"

Can anyone enlighten me. It stays the same day, right? Right? Of course, I did hear one of the kids talking about eating pork enchiladas....

In an effort to feel human again, instead of just a drudging automaton, I went yesterday with Drea for a pedicure and a half hour massage between jobs. Ahhhhh.....