Thursday, November 21, 2002

Ahhhh! 11 hours of sleep later I'm feeling "human again." Tonight is the dress rehearsal for opera scenes. It will be nice to have it all over with. Oh yes...the early rise story I promised. So yesterday morning I was rudely awaken by my alarm clock blaring that I only had 10 minutes to leave for class. I checked my watch, and it was at least an hour off (but it's a wind up, so I figured I had forgotten to wind it last night) So I rewound my watch, beat my alarm clock up and pulled myself together in a hurry -- skipping a shower. I got in my car, flipped on the radio for my morning program! But somehow my show wasn't playing....and then I realized...My alarm clock still hasn't been changed over from daylight savings. Every morning before I had been coherent enough to remember to subtract an hour....but this morning I had I went to the coffee shop for a Vanilla Steamer....It was a yummy mistake!