Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Sun is Shining

The sun is shining, right in my face through the plate glass window. And I'm staring into it because it has been so long since we've seen the sun and I don't care if I'm blinded. It's slipping now, halfway behind the train shed across the tracks. And soon it will be hidden, and the day will be normal again. But for now, I'm basking.

Another one Bites the Dust

Another One Bites the Dust

Nan is sick again, so I'm in charge at the store today. I spent the morning letting the employees run things while I try and pull the Christmas basement back into order. The jail crew had it cleared out and cleaned up a month ago, but when the new loads-o-Yuletide came in, Jesse and Bill pretty much did whatever they wanted with no supervision. My fault - I was too busy to give directions. But now I have to clear off the tables so I can make room for the sorting bins. And the basement hasn't realized that it's 51 degrees out there. A heater, hot chocolate, and two pairs of long underwear are just not cutting it.

Lunch breaks are beautiful things.

I took a quick walk to the mailbox at track 29. First, I never see daylight living in a windowless room, so the sun and warmth were wonderful! And I needed to mail off a Valentine. Now I'm waiting for water to boil so I can make lunch. Funny, it seems there's a saying about that. How does it go...?

On an unrelated note, Rand al'Thor is driving me up the wall with all of the whining and angst. It needs to be Tarmon Gaidon already so he can serve his purpose and either die or marry the three women who are contimplating polygamy so they can all have him. I've finished book eight now, and gearing up for book nine. I've been reading these since September. I think I'm ready to reach the end of the series now, but no such luck, since Robert Jordon is still writing them.