Monday, March 29, 2004

Another Stimulating Conversation:

"Reservations, This is Rachel. How may I help you?"

"Hi is this the Inn in Los Olivos? because I called the AAA hotline and asked for the inn in Los Olivos and I said Fess Parkers, but they told me you didn't have an Inn in Los Olivos, and they transfered me to the one in Santa Barbara, and I talked to the girl there, but she said that they had three hundred rooms, and I knew that couldn't be right because I saw the special on tv, and that was small, so that couldn't be it, so she transfered me here and said that there was a Fess Parker Wine Country Inn in Los Olivos, and I guess that's why they coldn't find it, because I didn't say Country Gardens on the phone, and they said I wouldn't go straight through, but go to an interface first, and I did, and then I got you, so is this the Fess Parker's in Los Olivos?"

"Yes we are in Los Olivos."

"Oh good. So what's the Inn like, do you have a pool? What are the rates because I read in the AAA book the rates are $250-260 and I just wanted to know........

And on the conversation went. I had to put her on hold twice. And at the end of it all?

"Ok great, well that's all I needed to know."

"Would you like to book the room?"

"Oh no, I'm not ready to do that yet because I need to check with my husband because we're business owners you see, and we need to bring someone in to cover the shop for a while, and I'll need to check on that, but I just wanted to make sure the room would be available. And you do have a double queen, and you say it's the first to book up, is that because there is only one of them? and well I need to check on that, and as long as you think you'll have it available that will be all."

I'm out of breath just listening.

An editorial from the LA Times, March 20 2004:

"A life is not important anymore. Compassion has no place in the United States. We are no longer a country to be proud of. THAT is the mesage you convey when you tout fur."
~Katrina Berg Sussmeier~

I wonder what her take is on abortion...

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