Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A bit of boredom ensuing. We're so far ahead of schedule with Sound of Music that they keep cancelling rehearsals. Which is great for the people who live in town - they can get back to doing regular things. For me, it means more hours of bumming around my room twiddling my thumbs.

Today I'm running over to see the rehearsal for my director's other show, and then I'll be good and go schlepping for jobs again. It would be so nice to start working and refill the coffers a bit.

Last night was the first rehearsal with orchestra - always a rough proposition, but the conductor has done the show many many times, and all will quickly be well. Something Good needed an extra runthrough, and Confidence made their eyes go big - I change tempos a lot in the opening. But we all muddled through somehow.

Tonight is a dance rehearsal for Kiss Me Kate - I've not had to go so far, since I'm mainly set dressing. I hear its really fast and really good. I get to Lindy Hop at some point, hurrah!

And I'm off to see the Wizard now. Really. That's the kids show. The costumes were lined up around the room during last night's rehearsal, and I was itching to put on a munchkin hat. The one with the big flower on it. But I didn't, since I am a professional.

And there was a big sign saying: