Saturday, August 31, 2002

I got up this morning (saturday mind you) and started garage sale-ing at 7:00. I've visited parts of Texas I didn't know existed. Eddy. Ross. Spiegleville. And Bruceville. I'm very excited. After a year of this, I should be getting pretty good at Waco shortcuts and cross streets. Imagine that...I'm actually planning for an (albeit short term) future in Waco. Now for the plan. I'm going to start selling things on ebay for a while (since I'm financially secure for the moment) as my way of making extra money, instead of trying to keep a minimum wage-baylor associated job this year. We'll see if its profitable. There's more to the plan...but that's enough for now. As a performer one never curses oneself by talking about the future. What is that joke? "What makes gods laugh?" "Plans." Where on earth did I read that...must have been in one of the six new books that I shouldn't have bought. Anyway...I'm going to go measure the zillions of yards of lace I bought in a grab bag. Talk to you later! Oh, does anyone have a digital camera I can borrow? They're really expensive!